Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Day 8 - CR Practice Questions, Kaplan

I have been doing a lot of online practice questions of late, whenever I find time in the office, and that has been satisfying me even if I could not spend time in the evening after office hours. I have also worked out all the practice questions in CR from Kaplan GMAT Premier book.

I could understand that the more questions I do, the more comfortable I feel with the type of questions. What was difficult in the beginning could be easily done when I was done doing atleast 25 questions. Man! Practice can do wonders to GMAT. I am now confused if should make myself completely sure about CR and proceed to the other areas or do it parallely with other testing areas. If anyone can give me your insights, it will be more than helpful.

Material Covered:
Kaplan GMAT Premier 2011, pages 56 to 101.

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