Saturday, May 7, 2011

Day 9 - CR Practice from Kaplan Verbal Workbook

Its been pretty interesting digging more into CR strategies. I am falling in love with these questions. Man! So much thought!

I read through the strategies given in the Kaplan Verbal Workbook, and solved the 12 questions that came with it. I followed it with the timed Practice questions! And whoa! I did finish it on time.

I should definitely worry about my accuracy level though. But with today I feel it is primarily because I was not involved with 100% concentration. It is actually tough to solve so many questions at a time. A kind of irritation strikes when I finish half the number of questions. Its been two hours of studying with not so much output I should say. By this, I mean I did not get a lesser number of wrong answers.

This only makes me feel how much practicing is important for GMAT :)

Material Covered:
Kaplan Verbal Workbook - Pages 71 - 97, Pages 155 - 165

Tip : Practice, practice and practice, gradually increasing the number of questions you try and attempt.

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