About Me

Dear Reader,

Welcome to my blog!
I am Kruthika, an IT Consultant by profession, with close to 3 years of experience. I did my engineering from BITS, Pilani, Rajasthan, India.

I had been preparing for the Indian Entrance Tests last year, during which I decided I will take my GMAT. I took sometime researching on what GMAT is, understanding how people around the world go for GMAT and the ways and means to get better at it. A few websites captured my interests, and a few books. It is interesting how people change over time as they prepare for the GMAT. Every section of the GMAT helps the individual grow better and develop himself. After the GMAT, the journey that each and every applicant goes through is quite hectic and mind-boggling. The toughness and the need to get into a good MBA college grows in the applicant, as he tries to gather data, and finish his applications.

This blog is primarily meant to log my GMAT preparation, and application details in course of time. This journal helps me keep up my spirits to learn and also provide something useful to the user, who is most probably a fellow GMAT test taker.

I wish you all the best for your journey to MBA.

Feel free to browse through my personal blog, 'If you believe..'