Monday, July 25, 2011

Days 30 -35 - OG Problem Solving

Given that I have exactly a month left for my big day, I opened my OG, and started working on the quantitative section. It instilled more confidence in me, though towards the end I got worried. A few questions were familiar but I could not reach the exact idea within a period of 1 minute and 30 seconds. I guess I need more and more practice now.

The easiest for me was Arithmetic, wherein I could play all the tactics I learnt for my CAT exams (Indian MBA Entrance exam). Geometry was good as well, thanks to GMAT Prep Now. My biggest problem was with Coordinate Geometry, followed by Set Theory. But its all because of the lack of touch with those topics. High time I went through these topics. Questions from these topics took more than 2 minutes, and the questions from the other familiar topics took less than 2 minutes.

It had been a happening week @ office, with celebrations and event organization and work together. I had lots of fun and lots of interaction after quite a long time.

Material covered:
Official Guide 12th Edition - Pages 144-264


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