Friday, July 15, 2011

Day 28 - 'Main Point' & 'Weaken' type CR questions

Hi reader,

I quickly finished two chapters from the Powerscore CR bible today. Pretty interesting chapters, but I guess just one chapter is possible in a day. By the time I completed, Weaken type questions chapter, I was exhausted. It was too much that I got confused. Not to forget the long pressing day at office today.

Today was a terrible day with a lot of complexities totally unwanted. My health is meanwhile getting better. Thanks to my manager for letting me work from home for a couple of days!

This strikes a cord. Soon I will post something on my views on 'Smart Working' and its pros and cons. Pretty interesting and debatable topic between different levels of employees at a company.

Material covered:
Powerscore CR bible - Pages 100 to 132 ('Main point' and 'Weaken' type questions)

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