Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day 26 - Probability and Statistics Modules

In the last post, I forgot to mention the sole companion during my illness. Yes! 'The Economist' was the sole companion for me throughout the days I was ill. I was unable to watch any videos or use the laptop, nor was I able to read solid tips for GMAT. So, I started spending my time reading this magazine throughout the day but for the time I slept. I cannot deny from saying that this is such a wonderful magazine. Apart from improving your knowledge on the subject, it really helps a GMATter. If you read through an article, and look for the gist of it, you will know what I am talking about.

And today, I did two modules from GMATPrepNow.

Statistics Module
    Mean, median and mode
    Weighted averages
    Standard deviation

Probability Module
    Finding probabilities by counting
    “At least” & “at most” questions
    “Or” probabilities
    “And” probabilities
    Mutually exclusive events
    Independent events

Awesome videos, short and crisp! Enjoyed the modules.

Material Covered:
GMATPrepNow - Statistics and Probability modules

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