Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Day 23 - Subject Verb Agreement and Parallelism concepts - MGMAT

Sentence correction - quiet but complex. At the outset, it seems like something manageable, but as you start solving more and more questions, you realize how much you need to know in order to crack this part of GMAT.

Thanks to MGMAT SC and Kaplan's Premier!

The above books are doing a great deal in helping me clarify the concepts. Here and there when I get stuck, the explanations that these books provide, are just to the point and it clears your doubts instantly. I finished the chapters on 'Subject-Verb agreement strategy' and 'parallelism' concepts in MGMAT SC. The practice question set is really good, I must say. Though just 15 in number, it does a great deal in practicing all the concepts that was learnt.

I have also been reading the magazine 'The Economist'. It is a must read for those who are not naive at topics related to economics. And for the rest, it will be a comfortable and good read to cover all that has happened throughout the week.

I am parallely working on questions in OG, considering that I have just a month left for GMAT..

Material completed:
MGMAT SC - Pages 33 to 63.


  1. Hi Krutika,

    I find your blog interesting. It's good that you have a record of what you are doing. I have my Gmat scheduled in about a month and half. I'll keep an eye open for this space. Keep them coming.

    Good luck!

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for stopping by.. Even I have just 1.5 months left for GMAT. All the best :)