Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day 25 - Critical Reasoning question types + Math Counting Module

It was a period of sickness over the last few days, with a high fever, cold and cough eating away all my energy. This kept me in rest all day long. I finally tried to gather some energy and put it to use for my preparation. I still lack the energy to roam around and do normal activities.

I did Chapter 3 of CR bible, which segregates the different types of CR questions into 3 categories. This categorization is pretty interesting. Overall, there are question types like

  1. Main point
  2. Must be true
  3. MEthod of reasoning
  4. Flaw of reasoning
  5. Parallel Reasoning
  1. Strengthen/support
  2. Resolve the paradox
  1. Weaken

The description they tried to give was simply amazing. This book gets more interesting as I turn more pages.

After this, I headed on to finish the 'Counting' Math module from GMATPrepNow. Needless to say, these people have done an amazing job. WIth simple 3 to 8 minute videos, the tutor has tried to make an everlasting difference in the minds of the student. This module covered the following topics.
  1. Fundamental COunting Principle
  2. Factorial Notation
  3. Handling restrictions
  4. 'Atleast' and 'Atmost' questions
  5. The MISSISSIPPI rule
  6. Combination questions
  7. Permutation type questions
This left me partly satisfied after a week long ill-health.

And I gave a full test in the midst of all illness, and the score turned out to be real pathetic. That was a mood spoiler for me, but it has also risen the spirits in me to work harder.

Material Covered:
Powerscore CR Bible - Pages 47 to 72.
GmatPrepNow - Counting module


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