Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Day 36 - Data sufficiency

Andddd finally… I tried conquering my fear about DS type questions. Not bad! Pretty decent drills and found it pretty interesting as well. Understanding how these questions actually are. Tried the DS questions (50 numbers) from OG 12. I could solve more than 45 correctly. And I guess I did not take more than 1.5 minutes for me to solve per question. But I have no idea where I will stand if I come across really challenging questions. 

And, its 3 am in the morning as I type this. Its kinda interesting to sit here and wonder about the rains outside and solve DS questions in parallel. Its nice that the rains know when to shower! :) They have so far not disappointed me in the morning when I goto office. While coming back it is always fun to get wet in the rains!

Material covered: 
Official Guide-  12th Edition- Pages 267-276 (50 questions)


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