Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Three Great Tools for Success in the GMAT

Yesss.. I just witnessed India win Pakistan in the ICC World Cup Semi-Finals.. It is a moment of pride for India. My facebook has been overflowing with status updates, praising India and feeling proud about the victory. It is definitely a moment of great delight. Amazing team work, Team India! Hats off!

Looking forward to the Finals on April 2nd, where I expect India to win the finals J I pray it does! I (oh! Not just me.. the whole of India) would love it, if God Sachin would lift the cup in his last ever World Cup match.!

And one more thing that excited me today, is the brand new BeatTheGMAT website launched.! I have been in love with it completely. I have been watching Eric update on facebook, and I have been refreshing page by page, all the open articles on my desktop. Yes, it is better organized for the GMAT and MBA applications and beyond. Way to go BTG! And yes, the new logo is cutee.. I love it..!

Most of my day, I spent revising Chapter 1 from Manhattan’s Word Translation guide, and a part of Chapter 2. The cricket world cup semi-finals kept me busy. I read a few articles on the new BTG, and also watched the video, ‘Creating a Long Term MBA Plan’, and it was definitely a knowledge add. Being a newbie to GMAT and MBA, this video was extremely helpful.

I am now beginning the use of Error Logs. I feel it is a better way of keeping track of errors and avoiding them in future. Now all I need to do, be more disciplined so that I am regular and strong at my preps. I once used to get frustrated with the errors I get on my practice questions, until my friend told me, be happy you got an error. And yes, he was right. I am learning better from my error.

And another good practice is making flash cards. A good idea for beginners like me is to make use of existing flash cards (like those of BTG). As I start using it, I understand how to make one, and in the process remember a lot of new concepts and ideas.

Three great tools :
1.   Error Log
2. Flash Cards
3. GMAT progress chart ( To keep track of practice test scores)


  1. Thanks for your share! I think this information is helpful for everyone. I'm doing practice GMAT here: . I hope it's useful for GMAT test takers.

  2. Thanks for your comment. seems like a good place to practice at work, during leisure..

  3. Thanks Kruthi. Hope you enjoyed the finals being won after 28 years! I am going to give this GMAT online test a go and see how it works out for me. Are the Error logs helpful? Keeping aside the fact that everyone is different, on an average, how many hours do you think is needed to hit the 700 mark? I read varying #, from 96 (recent article) to 200! I work full time, with kids, and finding it hard to motivate myself to pick up a book after a long, tiring day...

  4. Did you already take the GMAT or you still working through it?

  5. @Anonymous: I sure enjoyed the finals :) Im glad India won the cup..
    A sample test online is the best way to test your stand in the GMAT.
    700 mark is something that will come with a lot of discipline and practice.. In my opinion GMAT is not something that is unachievable, it can definitely be cracked with the right mindset and preparation.
    Maintaining an error log in itself implies ur disciplined in your preparation, and making sure things progress carefully.. I go through error log of the week on the Sunday that follows. I work on the question again, and find out if I have really eliminated the mistake..
    I understand you have other commitments.. I find it difficult to motivate myself even when I am single.. But I guess its the seriousness about achieving that matters, so once we are focused and serious, we will automatically concentrate.. And this blog is a good motivation for me to continue preparing....

    @uhsa: I m preparing for GMAT.. Its just been a few days since I started...