Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day 3 - CR Arguement Structure Strategy

Day 2 began with a lot of questioning to myself, about how long will I take to make myself stronger in the topics. I feel that the sections I need to concentrate on more was RC, CR and SC.

I thought it would be right to start with CR. I will continue practising Math every now and then, but Verbal will be of prime importance.

CR is something I dread after seeing the results of the diagnostic test. Thanks to MGMAT. I feel relieved as I seem to be gaining confidence. I am using MGMAT CR to get a feel of how to approach questions, but I have my own ideas as well. After all every individual has his own way of attacking questions.

I read through the first chapter in MGMAT CR “Argument Structure Strategy”. It is definitely a good chapter to start off with, because it talks about how a CR passage is usually structured. It gives a clean picture of how a CR can be broken down to the format


I felt there could have been more questions to practice, but that is never a problem as plenty of CR questions are available on the world wide web.
Though one area of this was a little tricky to understand, it was a good one overall.

Material covered:
MGMAT CR : Pages 1-25

Practice what is learnt everyday, during work when you want to take a break.

I feel more positive today. I will get back with something new tomorrow. J

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