Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Week before GMAT

Oh, and it was one hell of a week for me @ work. With project deadlines fast approaching, and the Independence Day celebrations @ office, and managing the events associated with it, I had almost forgotten that my GMAT was also fast approaching. I had little time to do my last minute prep for GMAT.

What I could do, was just wake up a little early and take a test in the morning, though I had very less time to analyze them. Actually speaking, my first practice test score was 660 as I mentioned in the last post, and apparently that was the highest score I got in all practice tests. And I realize that is purely because, I was not taking tension when I took that test.

Further on, I was too tensed just trying to make sure all through the test that I got a question right and that boosted my score. Apparently I ended screwing every test, scoring continuously like 600, 620, 630, 640 etc. My highest score had been 660 as I already mentioned.

And again, getting hardly 3 hours a day to take the test, I could not spend much time analyzing. So this is how my last week went. With so much to take at a time!


  1. Yikes, you sound busy. I found it really hard to balance my professional responsibilities with GMAT prep, but it sounds like you've done a lot of studying!

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  3. Oh, it seems you truly are a busy person, but the good thing is you managed to balance your time between your profession and your time being a student. That's hard work and effort at their finest.

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