Sunday, August 14, 2011

Day 41 - MGMAT SC

To all Indians out there, Wishing you a very happy Independence Day :)

Today, my plans were a little screwed up by the end of the day. I started with reading a chapter on CR from Kaplan 800, only to realize I got 3 of 7 questions wrong in them.

Quickly deciding on the agenda for the rest of the day, I decided to take a full length test, followed by analysis. But it so happened that my friend had come and I was unable to take the test.

I put off the idea of a test, now that the time is past evening, and most of my energy drained out. I took MGMAT SC, and reread the chapters that I had already covered, followed by Chapters on Modifiers, Verb tense, mood and voice, Comparisons, Idioms, and Odd and Ends.

Each of these chapters was equally interesting, the only point is to do a thorough practice before I could take another test. Loved reading through them. I did them pretty quick considering shortage of time, grabbing just the main points. Idioms was a huge chapter to read through, so I skipped here and there covering areas which I thought I was weak at.

There are advanced chapters still left, which I am planning to cover tomorrow.

Material Covered:

MGMAT SC - Pages 81 to 203.
Kaplan 800 - Chapter on CR