Saturday, August 13, 2011

Days 39, 40 - OG CR, MGMAT CAT#1

Its August and it is countdown time. I have exactly 9 days left for my GMAT. It is definitely frightening to think I cannot take out much time from my work, to prepare for GMAT. I am trying my best to find time and do some practice tests. Apparently I succeeded in taking the first effective practice test today.

I completed the OG 12th edition CR practice questions yesterday. And I should say the last 20 questions made me lose my confidence for the exam. Following this I have 3 continuous days off from work, thanks to Independence Day (Monday).

I woke up today morning, quickly went through the strategies I formulated for CR and RC, and Geometry type questions. I worked on a Diagnostic Math test from my MGMAT account today morning. I am attaching the score sheet of the diagnostic math test below.

I registered online my MGMAT SC book today morning, and was quite determined to give a full length test from MGMAT. And yes, my first test score goes as follows:

I am not even close to satisfied with my score, but it is good for a start. The last full length test which I attempted when I was ill, really scared me. But today's test has taken me out of that fear, and I hope to get better with more practice tests.

Material Covered:
MGMAT Math Diagnostic Test
OG 12th Edition - Pages 494 to 524

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