Sunday, August 7, 2011

Day 38 - Critical Reasoning

Hi Reader,

It has been a long break since my last update. My break was not because I wanted a break, but because office kept me so busy to turn to GMAT. Day and night with office work! Hectic hours! Unfortunately, this is the plight till the end of August, and I have my exam scheduled on the 23rd. I will try my best to squeeze some time out of this touch schedule and work for GMAT as well.

Updates are quite meagre for a full week. I tried CR questions from Official Guide 12th Edition. Otherwise I have been discussing with friends about applications and essays. Right now, given my busy schedule, my only target is to take as many tests as possible and complete OG.

Material Covered:
Official Guide, 12th edition - Pages 482 to 493


  1. Top B-Schools give admission to those students who have passed the exam with good score. Those preparing for exam should put extra efforts in their preparation and practice more and more difficult problems to solve.

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