Monday, April 18, 2011

Over the last few days..

Its been quite a while since I really spent good amount of time studying. I was busy over the last few days, stuck with a lot of personal tasks. But that did not completely put me off from GMAT. A little brush up on the vocabulary will always do its part to better GMATing.

And BTG always comes to the rescue. Those short and crisp 10 minute videos on various topics from Knewton, MasterGMAT etc. prove to directly improve the efficiency of solving related questions. I had even become tempted to register for the MasterGMAT's course online, but for the heavy pricetag attached.

Tips and tricks to do the math quicker and its practice, has been yet another thing that I hav been concentrating on. I understand that time management balancing both work and GMAT prep is the most important challenge to handle.

Everytime I see a video on MasterGMAT, I try to do the question on my own, and it so happened that almost everytime, I got my answer right. But the kind of explanation I had for the right answer was different from the one that was given as explanation. I am planning to write a post on what I learnt from these videos, soon.

Reading a book is as important as doing everyday math questions. It improves ur reading speed as well as your knowledge and vocabulary. And so, I have a good set of books in queue. I guess a few of these books are already mentioned in my earlier posts.

I have carefully chosen these books, so that I really learn a lot out of them. Fountain Head by Ayn Rand is another great addition. I have already read it and I should say, its definitely a good read. Another book that is of interest to me, is 'No One Here Gets Out Alive' the first biography of Jim Morrison, lead singer and lyricist of the L.A.rock band 'The Doors' written by the journalist Jerry Hopkins. I do not know the insides of the book, but would love to read this one.

As I write this, I hit upon a few links, which I am sharing below.

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