Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Day 5 - No support for Mac

I got my Kaplan Premier GMAT 2011 yesterday. I was going through the book only to find out that Kaplan as well does not support Macs. What is with GMAT and Macs.. Neither does GMATPrep software nor the Kaplan CD work on Mac. I wonder when a relevant Mac version will be released.! I find it very difficult to manage my CDs on my office computer and study with my Mac at home. I wish there was better support for Mac.

I have been reading the first three chapters of the Kaplan book, and it just recapped on some of the very basics of the CAT, GMAT. Currently I am doing Chapter 4, Critical Reasoning. I had prepared for the Indian Management Entrance tests, like the CAT, NMAT etc., and I should say, GMAT is way different in the approach. I like the CR section in particular, which is also part of the XAT in India. It is a compelling section where I try to keep solving more and more. Interesting!

And a blog post by ClearAdmit, talks about the new question format for GMAT Integrated Reasoning section. This has been a regular section in the Indian entrance tests, and apparently the most time consuming section for me. I wonder what kind of questions this section will have in GMAT.

Material Covered:
Kaplan Premier 2011 GMAT - Chapters 1,2,3


  1. http://www.codeweavers.com/products/crossover/

    Hi. Pls download this application from here. This software basically lets you run windows application on Mac. Let me know if you have any problems downlaoding it or launching it.

    I am using my gmat prep software successfully on My macbook pro MAC OS X Version 10.6.7.

    Enjoy :)