Monday, April 25, 2011

Day 6 - Kaplan's CR Strategy

Well Friends,

It is too much of lazing around now.. Though the last one had its own interesting events, I am pretty disappointed with the kind of progress I am making. Its time to hit myself hard and ask myself to study.!

I have been simply trying to keep away from books calling myself busy. Somehow, I managed to study something. The Kaplan GMAT Premier 2011, is one awesome book which is a good way to begin preparation. It gives you a refreshing start, and I bet it made me feel more comfortable about the whole GMAT thing. It does not make you feel overwhelmed about GMAT, as many other books do.

Anyway, the first three chapters gave an initial idea about GMAT. I had mentioned about it in the earlier post. I headed off to go through the Critical Reasoning Section ie., Chapter 4 of this cool book.

It gives you an idea of the problem types that come in this section. Approximately 12 CR questions on the GMAT, means plenty of time and effort has to be given considering your ability to crack this section.  Kaplan has come up with a quick strategy to solve CR questions, which is even more helpful. When I tried solving CR questions before using Kaplan, it was too much to take without a definitive strategy. Now it seems a lot more easier!

I just managed to do some 10 practice questions from the exercise. I could see an improvement, though I am not up to the mark.

Material Covered:
Kaplan GMAT Premier 2011 - Pages 27 to 50

Tip for the day: Use some definitive strategy to attack the GMAT. Otherwise, you are bound to lose too much of your time.

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