Monday, June 6, 2011

Day 16 - Kaplan Math Concepts

Right from the day I booked my GMAT, I have been ill / down for some reason or the other. I have been preparing though, but not at a full stretch. Over the past few days, after completing verbal basics from Kaplan Premier, I continued going through the book for the Math content, and its quite basic, considering the tough CAT preps last year. I have been doing some sample problems, that came with the book after every short chapter. Kaplan has general strategies which I guess a person decent enough at his math would already know. Nevertheless, it is a very good book for a starter.

Another good material to test your skills on, is the Manhattan GMAT flash cards that are available on their website. The best part is you can view the questions without even logging in.I spent quite sometime working on those questions, whenever I felt exhausted.

BTG videos are so interesting to miss. I watched a few videos, which is definitely a value add to the preps. Apart from BTG, there is this new website that I am feeling soo attached to, and that is gmatPREPNOW. The videos start from the basic and move to tough areas in GMAT, and makes us feel relaxed as we watch it, at the same grasping the concepts.

A pretty exciting break during these days was BTG badges. I could actually see a lot of users wake up in many forums, including me of course, to actively participate in discussions. As for me the fun was more about finding out what types of badges BTG offers; this meant that I be active on the forums. It actually made me involve in a variety of discussions, and skim through all the forums every now and then to see if any interesting discussion happens.

I felt there is also a bad part attached to it. Though we gain with every discussion on the forum, at a certain stage, it gets so obsessive that going back to study mode is difficult.

Ahem! But yes, we need a control over everything in life!

Material covered:
Kaplan 2011 GMAT Premier:  Pages 221-250
GMATPrepNow videos
MGMAT website flashcards (WT)

Tip for the day: Focus! Practice! Focus! Practice!

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