Saturday, June 11, 2011

Day 18 - Rates and Work, Ratios : MGMAT

Rates and Work, something I fail to get right the first time, is an area of fear for me all the time. I keep going wrong, for some reason or the other. Need more practice on this. I worked on the strategies given in MGMAT, but I think they hold good for someone who has not been in touch with Math for a very long time. Having prepared for CAT my idea of Rates n Work never goes off the normal method I use to solve them.

However the table structure does help, though their explanation is confusing at certain areas. I guess TIME, India books do a much better job, at least for me. I did all the 15 basic level questions given at the end of the chapter, which cleared my head about how I usually solve them. I guess I will follow my method which I am more comfortable with.

Coming to Ratios, it was simply brushing through the basics, following by a set of 15 practice questions, out of which just one was comparatively time consuming. It took more time to read than to solve the question. Otherwise, this area is something anyone can crack provided he has good concentration. 

Material Covered:
MGMAT Word Translations - Pages 31 to 51.

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