Saturday, October 29, 2011

Festival of Lights, MasterGMAT etc..

Long time again since I gave an update. I have been constantly preparing though. I am at my home town for a week now, for celebrating the 'Festival of Lights'. Meanwhile I happened to take the free 7-day trial of MasterGMAT course which boasts of a 120 point improvement. And blimey! This course has the power to do it. I had not taken any courses before this for the GMAT, but this course impressed me so much that I am thinking of taking the complete course. 
I have been going through the course every now and then. The best part is their flexibility and the thorough explanations provided for every bit of lesson they teach or problem they give to test our knowledge. I definitely love their course. As of now, my prep status goes like this.
I have also been working on questions from Magoosh GMAT, and I can say for sure I am improving.
Quantum CAT - Number properties
Aristotle SC - Finished the basic grammar stuff (Part 1 of the guide) : People say it is a guide to be completed before doing MGMAT's SC, and let's see. 
Re-reading the PowerPrep CR Bible.
I am reading the book 'Rich Dad Poor Dad', and so far it is just awesome. I ll update more in the days to come.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Featured on

Sarah from contacted me about a month ago, and I had an interview with her. The questions were good, and they reflected the analysis of your profile and your ideas about application to b-schools. I liked the way the questions were sequenced. You can see it published here .

Since I have not started vigorously applying for b-schools till date, I found it to be a starter to analyze my profile and my ideas about applying to b-school. Do read the interview script at the above link, and share your comments.

Practice session 1

A weekend is gone and there has been some progress. The saturday was fun filled given that we celebrated the Sports Day at our organization. It was fun @ the YMCA grounds for a whole day. I returned home late that evening all tired from the fun that day!

Sunday was a good day and I could do actually do some studying, practise, and also relax. I solved a few questions from the '1012 GMAT' book, from The Princeton Review. In my opinion these are of 600-700 level, and found them doable. I was browsing through gmatclub forums and I happened to read through a few strategies that took test takers from 650 to 700+ with disciplined practice. I promised to myself, I will stick to my schedule.

I happened to come across the link to BTG's practice questions. I've always wished that these practice questions were available at a discounted price and I was happy that this time I happened to see them on discount. I quickly got one of the packs and started taking tests. I should say, it is worth it. The environment and explanations given are crisp and clear and gives you the advantage of comparing yourself with the average scores of other Magoosh test takers.

I have taken like 6 to 7 tests on Magoosh now, and I am happy to say I am improving. I felt the need for revising the basics of SC and CR from the MGMAT SC and CR Bible respectively. I realize I need to work a lot on my quant score, I should increase it by atleast 5 to 6 points. I am looking forward to preparing for CAT (Indian Entrance Test for entry into the prestigious IIMs), which is way tougher than GMAT Quant. This will automatically improve my GMAT Quant scores.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Gearing up for GMAT #2

It has been a long time since I actively posted here. Variety of reasons behind. Office, personal life, projects have taken a large part of my everyday life, giving me little time to think about GMAT. I even considered dropping the idea of a second GMAT attempt for a while. Now I am back on track, and you will regularly see updates and progress.

I took quite sometime analyzing my mistakes during the last GMAT preparation time, and the problems with my approach. I happened to read through BTG and gmatclub posts on retaking GMAT, and several other posts which gave me an idea of how to proceed from this point. I am considering changing the pattern of studying this time.

From now on, I will post some questions on my blog, so that we also have a chance to discuss on the questions, and come up with more concrete reasoning for the solution behind. I will also post my progress on a daily basis as usual.

For a push today, let me tell you what I have been doing over the last weekend regarding GMAT. Not much, but I took a few practice tests that were available on free on I should say, my brains were beginning to get rusty about GMAT. For quant, I have been looking at several questions on gmatclub forums, and answering them with the timer 'on'. It worked out quite well.

I am determined to spend extra time on my weak areas:
  • Data Sufficiency
  • Reading Comprehension
I am currently signed up for the basic free packages available on BTG and gmatclub. If you have any other suggestions, do let me know. My access to GMATPrepNow has now expired. It was one awesome source to quickly learn a lot of concepts which haunted me for a long time.

And additionally, I have the GMAT ToolKit and MGMAT FlashCards on my iPod, which help me from getting bored while travelling. I have also added a few vocabulary apps as well including a couple of classic novels of my choice.

Here are a few questions for discussion:

I will post questions like the above in my second blog, so that this one does not get cramped with lot of details.